Art Direction

Companies today need a clearly defined image that appeals. Products alone are not enough to draw people in.

Every product is part of a broader context, presenting or communicating a concept – and this is what determines its impact on the public, and ultimately its success.

Attention to detail and an ability to go beyond the single project are two of our fortes at Studio Spessotto

In order to strengthen your brand and strategically optimise communication, we work simultaneously on multiple fronts: style consulting, product design, set design, photo editing, copywriting, graphic design, web design, videos, exhibition and event concepts.

We offer high-end strategies because we work with external professionals who are specialists in selected fields.


Industrial Design

We like thinking of product design as ‘artistic science’. Every product needs to be functional, but it also has to speak to the consumer, excite and become an object of desire. It needs to have substance and be useful, but also offer form and beauty.

Product design is at the heart of what we do, and of our success.

When a company asks us for a new product design, we start by studying the market and current trends for the type of product requested.

Once we’ve seen what’s already in the client’s catalogue, we look at how we can optimise creating a new product. This is to avoid cannibalising the other products the brand is already selling.

Thanks to all this analysis work, we’re able to be fully on-board with the brand as we work, targeting well-defined, achievable goals. We can analyse potential growth and new business opportunities, including identifying a distinctive, credible market position for the brand, through the new products we’re designing.

The next stage is putting together a report containing detailed visuals of the pros and cons of competitor products, and our industrial design ideas.

We also work with the client on defining the finish, materials and colours, and help with prototyping.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design projects always start with getting to know the client, understanding its brand image, values and everything that makes it unique.

We don’t just make catalogues with glossy photos, we make catalogues that are original and really work.

We don’t just make catalogues with glossy photos, we make catalogues that are original and really work. The way we see it, a catalogue should be like a mirror. It needs to show off the company in its very best light, and not look like it’s been outsourced. It needs to spotlight the brand and products, adding value through the images and text, and really open doors as regards positioning in the relevant product sector.

Before putting together a product catalogue and images, we brainstorm ideas with the client, so we’re able to best represent, strengthen and enhance their brand identity.

We bring our professional approach and empathetic style, to deliver high-quality, tailormade work.

We work with companies that want to build or reposition their brand on the market, providing advertising and editorial graphics services.


Exhibition & Events Concept

We design stands for trade fairs, events and congresses; interiors for stores and showrooms; and layouts for museums, exhibitions and installations, for both indoor and outdoor events.

We curate exhibit-design projects, with the help of a team of highly qualified designers, architects and graphic designers.

We always start by homing in on a project’s potential because that has to remain the beating heart of what we’re going to create. Everything we do is aimed at enhancing the aesthetic, functional and environmental aspects, after having carefully studied the company’s identity and positioning.

We believe in the importance of talking to the client and getting feedback, which is why we always present the image and creative plan before we get down to business. Once they’ve been approved, we provide the value-creation plans and coordinate the team of professionals who’ll be working on them.

We pay attention to every important detail of the exhibit design and events concept, including how staff will use the space and the choice of lighting, colours and decorative materials.

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