Our manifesto


AvanSostenibile” can be an attitude, a project or even an object, something that is avan-t-garde in its design, and more sustainable than others.

We’re not about preaching. We want to raise awareness, even inspire. There is no such thing as an ‘artificial’ object that is 100% sustainable (and by ‘artificial’ we mean something made by man and not by nature). A fully sustainable artificial object is one that doesn’t exist. 

The ten principles of "AvanSostenibilità"

1. AvanSostenibile design is brave
Design in the future will need to have the courage to dispel myths automatically attributing recyclable materials with disvalues that can no longer stand when we take into account sustainability.

2. AvanSostenibile design is a derivative
We can’t design an object without first grasping that its value depends on multiple other values: aesthetics, real usefulness, durability, versatility and disposal.

3. AvanSostenibile design is integration
It’s no longer just about the designer. Every product or project is a team effort involving the marketing and R&D departments plus, most importantly, the sustainable development manager or corporate social responsibility manager.

4. AvanSostenibile design responds to the 3Ps
‘People, Planet and Profit’ needs to be more than just a slogan – it needs to be a hallmark for each product. Respect for the consumer, respect for the worker making the product, less impact on the environment, but also fair profit.

5. AvanSostenibile design is intolerant
The era of throwaway objects is over. Planned obsolescence is out.
The products of the future need to last as long as possible, educating the customer about their function and reuse beyond passing fashions.

6. AvanSostenibile design respects the environment
Design makes an important contribution to environmental conservation. It preserves resources and minimises pollution throughout the product life cycle.

7. AvanSostenibile design is honest
An object has value solely for its own function and aesthetics.
It’s not played up to manipulate the consumer. It is what it is.

8. AvanSostenibile design is aesthetic
An object’s aesthetics are an essential part of its function, because our wellbeing also depends on the quality of the objects we interact with in our daily lives.
A well-made product is a beautiful one.

9. AvanSostenibile design is innovative
The difficulties of our times are pushing technological progress in the direction of less impactful production processes. AvanSostenibile design favours innovative technologies that don’t pollute and don’t guzzle energy.

10. AvanSostenibile design is discreet
AvanSostenibile design wants to leave the user free to interpret the product. That’s why, despite its prized, sober aesthetics, it is designed to be a tool and not a work of art.